Juxtapose Art Fair
Juxtapose Art Fair
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Juxtapose Art Fair

Kalender tekst: A new gathering for artist-run art projects
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When you want to see art, where do you go? Museums? Galleries? Kunsthals? What if we told you there is another option - exhibition spaces run by artists. This is where you can find some of today’s most exciting and cutting edge art - experimental artworks by up-and-coming artists. We invite you to discover this hidden part of the artworld at Juxtapose Art Fair which will debut in Aarhus, Denmark in August 2021. As a non-commercial art fair, Juxtapose is not focused on sales. Instead our goal is to celebrate the diversity of the artist-run sector, and to support the artists behind this sector. The fair will showcase 20-25 artist-run projects that are led and organized by visual artists and/or independent curators. There will be all kinds of projects, including artist-run exhibition spaces, artist collectives, independent art publications, online platforms, and other projects that fall outside the walls of museums and commercial galleries. By bringing very different artist-run projects together in one space, we hope to highlight the unique profile of each project. The public will be able to learn more about each initiative and the larger artist-run sector through a series of talks, panel debates, and tours to local initiatives here in Aarhus. Altogether, Juxtapose Art Fair aims to strengthen the artist-run sector and we hope to shine new light on this vital, yet often overlooked, corner of the art world.

Lansdel: Midtjylland
Link: https://www.juxtaposeartfair.com
Åbningstider: August 20 - 22, 2021
Sted: https://www.juxtaposeartfair.com