About is a geographical map and archive of the different self-organized and artist-run exhibition platforms in Denmark. It is in such places that it is possible to discover the next generation of artists and find the most innovative artistic and curatorial experiments. With this map, we want to make it easy to experience the manifold of independent spaces on the national level.

Off spaces are called by many names: independent art spaces, artist- or curator-run spaces, exhibition rooms, and platform projects. They are usually self-organized initiatives run by artists and curators, but the diversity of projects makes it difficult to specify what an off space is. They are often in-between categories, ranging from self-funded projects to platforms partly enabled by public funding; from spaces functioning as small-sized art institutions to initiatives bearing similarities with commercial galleries. These platforms are often characterized by a high artistic and curatorial level, and the sheer amount of spaces spread out all over the country makes them a fundamental part of the Danish art scene. This said, many off spaces are precarious and can easily be impacted by outside factors such as urban development, which can inflate rents to excessive levels; or adjustments in the funding criteria, which may challenge their economic structure and basis of existence. Last but not least, the Corona crisis has forced many initiatives to rethink their shapes and function.

Offspace is a not-for-profit association for self-organized and artist-run exhibition spaces in Denmark. The association works to promote the activities carried out in this field, shed light on the high level of artistic and curatorial work produced, and call attention to the fundamental role that off spaces play on the Danish art scene. Offspace wants to become a room for dialogue and exchange between the various initiatives while making their diversity visible. In addition, it works to gather the knowledge created in a constantly changing landscape.

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If you run an off space and want to add your platform to the map, you are welcome to contact us by sending a short description of your project to We will get back to you as soon as possible with a personal log-in through which you can create your profile.

Offspace board: Andreas Hjort Bundgaard, Louise Lassen Iversen, Paola Paleari, Jacob Remin, Jakob Jakobsen, Louise Haugaard Jørgensen
Website development: Nermin Durakovic
Visual identity: Andreas Hjort Bundgaard, Jacob Remin

Offspace is kindly supported by BKF Billedkunstnernes Forbund.
The first Offspace event took place on October 15th, 2020, and was supported by Nørrebro Lokaludvalg.

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